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  • Our hospitals form a national network of more than 100 long-term acute care sites across the United States. Our typical patient survived critical care but has continued weakness and significant medical needs. Select Specialty and Regency hospitals are designed to provide comprehensive, specialized care for high-acuity patients who need more time to recover.

    Our clinical practice is guided by over 200 local medical directors and chief nursing officers, all of whom follow rigorous protocols approved by Select Medical’s national medical advisory board. Chaired by our LTAC division's national medical director, pulmonologist Dr. David Jarvis, the board consists of more than 15 leading physicians and clinical specialists. In close collaboration with our chief medical officer, Dr. Samuel Hammerman, the board and local hospital leadership help our treatment teams recognize and utilize many of the most successful, evidence-based practices.

    We are a subsidiary of Select Medical, which was founded in 1996.